VIVIDLY GROTESQUE: I feel it is important to shine a light on the dark things in our world. These works represent how I experienced what was revealed to us about human nature during the pandemic.


Rich Hall was born and raised in Queens, New York, attending The School of Art and Design & The School of Visual Arts in NYC. 


For over 25 years Rich was ‘sidetracked’ from art into the music industry. 


He worked in many aspects of music, the longest-standing being in promotion of rock / metal / hardcore shows at NYC venues like the legendary CBGB and Santos Party House in addition to so many others nationwide.  All the while he had been designing creative flyers for his carefully curated shows.  His promotion company, called 1000knives is well known in rock circles and started because of Rich’s gregarious nature.  He also worked in A&R, Merch and Radio Promotion over the years with independent companies like Ferret, Revelation Records, Trustkill, MIA Records, Victory Records, Century Media / Abacus, McGathy promotion, BandMerch and Bravado, among others. 


After a significant health scare, Rich re-thought his trajectory and went back to what inspired him in his youth.  He returned to fine arts in 2009, with his first commissioned piece ordered in 2011.  Social media – particularly Instagram - enabled him to get the word out about his works.  Among his recent commissions are pet portraits, Star Wars characters and abstract art.


A part of his mission is to enable real people to buy real art, so he created 2 reasonably-priced, self-published books of his works – ANXIOUS MACHINES and BOUNTIFUL EXHUBERANCE – to get art into his contemporaries’ hands.  His show at TALK GALLERY is a perfect pairing, the gallery being a hub for art lovers of all varieties.


Rich Hall lives in Tacoma, WA with his wife, Carrie, and son, Cillian.


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